USITCC South Central Student Conference

Connect. Compete.

The USITCC South Central Student Conference is intended to provide students who are pursuing some form of academic degree or certificate program pertaining to computer information systems or related discipline (IS/Informatics/BIS/MIS/CS/etc.) with an opportunity to showcase their skills and talents in IT-centric competitions, and explore potential career opportunities with conference career exhibitors, vendors and sponsors. This conference also serves as a regional circuit for the United States Information Technology Collegiate Conference (USITCC) national conference, which is produced by the Foundation of Information Technology Education (FITE).


The Cybersecurity Contest will consist of both knowledge-based exam style questions as well as practical technical challenges. The knowledge-based questions will cover topics commonly found in the CompTIA Security+ exam and coursework. The technical challenges will cover a wide variety of competencies and include a mixture of easy, medium, and hard challenges. Participants should prepare for both portions of the content as the contest will comprise both the questions and technical challenges during the same combined time-period. Participants will be able to pick and choose which questions and challenges they attempt, but accuracy matters. Time management will be of great importance as participants select the content to engage.

The technical challenges will include both "online" and "offline" challenges. Online challenges will be accessible through the range, which will include commonly used tools and applications. Offline challenges can be worked on through the range, or participants can download them and solved on the participants' system(s). Participants will have the ability to deploy additional tools and software to the range if desired. Everyone is encouraged to bring along tools and software they believe to be useful for the completion of a Capture-The-Flag event; such tools may include full Linux distributions like Kali Linux.

More information on how to prepare for similar events can be found here: How To Win The NCL

The security assessment will allow teams to utilize their security skills to prove their knowledge through the completion of exam questions and cybersecurity challenges.


This contest will take place on Friday, October 26, 2018 from 4:00 ‐ 7:00 PM.

The competition will consist of questions similar to questions found on the Security+ exam and 10 categories of practical cybersecurity challenges. Each team will conquer as many questions and challenges as possible in the time limit. As with all USITCC South Central contests, each team, and preferably each contestant, must bring their own computer (BYOC). Teams can be comprised of 1 or 2 individuals.

In preparation for the contest, students should be knowledgeable with all of the following topics and relevant tools:

  • IP configuration and testing
  • Database Security Vulnerabilities
  • Web Server Vulnerabilities
  • Web Application Vulnerabilities
  • Social Engineering
  • Password Crackers
  • Penetration Testing Tools
  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Log Analysis
  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • Reconnaissance Techniques
  • Cryptography
  • Vulnerability Identification and Exploitation
  • High-level understanding of security regulations
  • Physical security/access control
  • Policy implementation in a Windows environment
  • Current business security regulations, U.S.A. laws involved with trans-border data flow (PCI, PATRIOT Act, etc.)


As a reward for participation, WraySec is offering two free Cyber Colosseum Credit Hours to all participants.  In addition, all members of the top three placing teams will also receive an additional award of credits.

To learn more about the WraySec Cyber Colosseum, or purchase additional access after the contest, please see our WraySec Cyber Colosseum page.

First12 Cyber Colosseum Credits (Per team member)
Second5 Cyber Colosseum Credits (Per team member)
Third4 Cyber Colosseum Credits (Per team member)
Everyone2 Cyber Colosseum Credits (Per team member)

Getting Started

Before you jump into the action we encourage you to watch this short tutorial video which will cover some of the basics of how to register for the Cyber Colosseum platform, enter the appropriate Colosseum area, and navigate around the interface.  Who knows, there might even be some flag answers included!

Please note, you will need your Event Registration Code during the account creation and team joining/selection process, please make sure you have this code handy.  If you have any questions about this code, please speak with an event staff member.