Our Team

Justin Wray
Justin Wray has over twelve years of Cyber Security experience. Justin has worked in various organizations ranging from small-businesses, to Fortune 500 companies, and even the federal government. His background includes offensive and defensive positions, from Intrusion Detection to Red Teaming. Justin has participated in cyber exercises in many different capacities. From leading several winning competition teams, to winning individual events, to designing and delivering large multinational events, Justin has truly done it all.
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Steve Collmann
Steve Collmann has over a decade of Cyber Security experience. Steve specializes in defensive operations and solution development. He is extremely creative, and having a defensive mindset sets him apart from many in the field. Steve has won numerous state, national, and global level cyber competitions. He has designed and developed various mission-critical defensive security tools for large government clients. Steve has an extensive background in systems administration, which provides him with a unique perspective on Cyber Security.
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Team WraySec
The Staff
The WraySec team includes top talent with decades of cyber security experience, ready to help meet your cyber security needs! WraySec's team includes experts in offensive and defensive cyber security operations. Additionally, Team WraySec includes highly experienced trainers and educators. Our friendly staff will treat your organization as if it were their own, employing their vast knowledge and skills to provide cutting-edge cyber security services and deliver state-of-the-art cyber security products. We look forward to serving your needs.
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