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Welcome, National CyberWatch Center Subscribers and Members!

Have you ever wished events like the CCDC and NCL were available 24/7, on your schedule? Have you wanted to learn and practice new skills, but don't want to spend all night setting up virtual machines? Do you want to integrate realistic, practical, and hands-on training into your classroom curriculum? Are you looking to train your staff on the cutting-edge threats and techniques in today's cyber world? Maybe you just want to find top-tier talent for your organization?

The answer is finally here:

Learn. Play. Compete.

Cyber Colosseum is a first of it's kind Cyber Exercise, Training, and Competition environment.

The 24/7 environment is accessible from anywhere, providing subscribers access to fully immersive and technology-rich environments to learn new skills, test their talents, and demonstrate their competences in continuous competitions.

Built as the first MMOCE (Massive Multi-Player Online Cyber Exercise) environment, Cyber Colosseum offers individualized training labs, with an interactive and engaging storyline, a massive multi-player "free rein" environment, and frequent team-based competitions.

Key Features

  • 100% Online; remotely accessible anywhere in the world 24/7.
  • 100% Browser-based; no VPN, plugins, or software required.
  • 100% Realism; real systems (Windows, Linux, etc.) and no simulations.
  • High Fidelity; realistic cyber scenarios, companies, organizations, and infrastructure
  • Dynamic Scenarios; individual labs react based on the user's activity, following different paths and flows.
  • Job and Role-based; users enact real-life job tasks.
  • Task-based; users receive dynamic tasks through an email-like task system.
  • Detailed Scoring; user progress is tracked, monitored, and scored across an assortment of criteria.
  • Reports; sharable reports providing details about user progress, competencies, and areas of expertise.

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Interested in group membership or hosting your own organizational Cyber Colosseum?  Please contact us.

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