Liberty Cyber Spark

Think you can hack your way to a $10,000 scholarship?


Come to Liberty University Sept. 20-23 and find out.

Cyber Spark is our first ever hackathon – an epic digital capture the flag competition that will test your computer knowledge and technical skills as you race others through cyber space and across campus for a chance to win $10,000.

Before joining the hackathon you must first attend the College For A Weekend (CFAW) event and register for the Cyber Spark activity.  If you have not done so, please register (button found below).


As a reward for participation, WraySec is offering two free Cyber Colosseum Credit Hours to all participants.  In addition, all members of the top three placing teams will also receive an additional award of credits.

To learn more about the WraySec Cyber Colosseum, or purchase additional access after the hackathon, please see our WraySec Cyber Colosseum page.

First$10,000 Scholarship (Equally split amongst team members) & 12 Cyber Colosseum Credits (Per team member)
Second5 Cyber Colosseum Credits (Per team member)
Third4 Cyber Colosseum Credits (Per team member)
Everyone2 Cyber Colosseum Credits (Per team member)

Getting Started

Before you jump into the action we encourage you to watch this short tutorial video which will cover some of the basics of how to register for the Cyber Colosseum platform, enter the appropriate Colosseum area, and navigate around the interface.  Who knows, there might even be some flag answers included!

Please note, you will need your Event Registration Code during the account creation and team joining/selection process, please make sure you have this code handy.  If you have any questions about this code, please speak with an event staff member.