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We have updated our Privacy Policy. The policy has been updated to provide clarity about the types of data we collect and how we use this data. Usage of our website in any capacity requires the agreement to our privacy policy and website terms. If you have previously agreed to […]

We have updated our Privacy Policy

Overview: WraySec hosted the 2017 Association of Information Technology Professionals National Collegiate Conference and Career Fair® (AITP-NCC) Cyber Security Challenge at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis Arch. The AITP-NCC is an annual conference dedicated to building relationships between collegiate students and the Information Technology industry.  The conference included IT contests […]

2017 AITP-NCC After Action Report

The Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, usually referred to as the CCDC, is a multi-tiered national competition for college and university students. Unlike other competitions, such as the National Cyber League (NCL), the CCDC is a defensive-focused event, pitting teams from different schools against an elite group of professional penetration testers […]

How To Win The CCDC

SSLv2 DROWN Attack Details: The Secure Socket Layer version 2 (SSLv2) Decrypting RSA with Obsolete and Weakened eNcryption (DROWN) attack has generated a lot of buzz within the cyber security and IT community recently. This is due to the fact that there are a plethora of servers which utilize SSLv2, […]

DROWN Attack: What you need to know!

The National Cyber League, also known as the NCL, is a collegiate cyber security program. It’s more than just a competition, but a full season-long training platform. NCL was created to provide an ongoing virtual training ground for collegiate students to develop, practice, and validate their cyber security skills using […]

How To Win The NCL

In the world of cyber defense, log analysis has become absolutely critical in discovering and researching threats. No longer are we in the era of plain-text reverse shells and directory traversal attacks. Network intrusion detection systems (NIDS) are increasingly ineffective. So what changed over the last decade to make this […]

The Case For Log Analysis Over NIDS