UMBC Students Dominate at Maryland Cyber Challenge

Students Chris Gardner and Anh Lam Ho, both of the University of Maryland Baltimore College (UMBC), took top honors at the Maryland Cyber Challenge last Thursday afternoon. The Cyber Challenge, presented by WraySec and the Federal Business Council, took place at the Baltimore Convention Center as part of CyberMaryland 2017.

CyberMaryland is a yearly conference featuring an industry showcase, job fair, and a variety of high profile speakers in the information security sector. The Maryland Cyber Challenge has historically been a large part of the conference, and was resurrected in 2017 as an individual based capture-the-flag competition. Participants had 60 minutes to complete as many challenges as possible, in categories such as web exploitation, current events, and reverse engineering. The event was open to all attendees of the conference, including students and professionals.

“We saw a diverse group of individuals compete, from CTOs to high school students”, said WraySec CEO, Justin Wray. “Everyone had an opportunity to further their skills and learn hands-on skills in cyber security, while competing for prizes”. The Cyber Challenge offered $1000 to the 1st place winner, $300 to 2nd, and $200 to 3rd.

Chris Gardner of UMBC took 1st place in the competition, scoring well in categories such as log analysis and web security. Gardner is no stranger to cyber competitions, having taken 1st place in the CCDC Nationals with his UMBC Cyber Dawgs team, and 2nd place in the National Cyber League. Anh Lam Ho is also a member of the UMBC Cyber Dawgs, and took part in the group’s impressive 1st place win at the CCDC Nationals.

Perhaps most surprising at the event, was student Mark Moylan of South River High School taking 3rd place. “In spite of competing against both collegiate and professional level competitors, this talented high school youngster was able to place 3rd”, said Wray of the accomplishment.

WraySec and FBC are excited for the future of the Maryland Cyber Challenge. “We have big plans for the future with this challenge”, said Gabriel Wollner, Cyber Practice Manager at FBC Inc. “Ideally we would like to transition the event back to being team-based, with plenty of sponsorship and university involvement.”

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