WraySec’s Cyber Exercise Product Has Entered Open Beta Status

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WraySec's Cyber Exercise Product Has Entered Open Beta Status

York, PA: On October 20th 2016, WraySec LLC., a Cyber Security Consulting firm, based out of the central Pennsylvania area, released their Cyber Exercises platform, CyExNg, to the public. The release comes by way of an Open Beta, allowing anyone interested to purchase a license, and begin using the product.

WraySec's CyExNg was originally released late last year in a closed beta status. Since the initial public announcement, WraySec has been closing working with select partners to test and expand the feature offerings of the product. When asked about the new beta status, Mr. Justin Wray, the CEO of WraySec explained, “we are ready to make the product available to the public, we have worked closely with many customers and partners to get this ready for market,” Mr. Wray continued, explaining that the open beta is production ready. “We have a few more core features we need to polish before we are ready to call it the full public release, but the open beta version is ready for public consumption,” said Mr. Wray.

WraySec's cyber exercise product is designed to streamline the scoring of cyber exercises, ranging from internal training events to international cyber competitions. Unlike many other products, CyExNg is parallelized and continuously monitors all scoring criteria on an ongoing basis. The CyExNg product provides both the scoring engine itself with an interactive and dynamic web application. The interactive web application can be utilized by participants during an exercise, providing a single interface for all exercise-related content. The web application also provides interactive displays for spectators of an event looking to get a quick or detailed status update on the progress of the event and the event participants. Furthermore, the application enables the administrator to add and configure entire events, from setting up, team, devices, services, and service checks to adding flags or assessment scores. Of course, the product features many visual displays for the exercise participants, providing them with detailed scoring and assessment results.

Additionally, CyExNg is fully modular. The product users can either use WraySec's default proprietary service check modules or create their own. The engine is fully customizable with an extensive range of settings and options, allowing the administrator to configure the engine based on their environment and requirements. CyExNg is extremely fast, lightweight, and durable. Combined with the web application, users will be able to see real-time and historical data on their cyber exercises. Exercise participants can see a complete event overview, or drill down to a specific service such as HTTP running on a web server. Given this added modularity and the customizable nature, the CyExNg engine is flexible and can be used in many different ways.

WraySec's pricing scheme is extremely flexible and adaptive towards their consumer's environment and requirements. Starting today, according to Justin Wray, WraySec's CEO, "customers can even get a free trial." Mr. Wray further stated that WraySec provides discounts to educational and non-profit institutions.

Of the current announcement, Mr. Wray said, "this is such a critical time in our industry, we are facing more threats, by more advanced actors, than we ever have before and organizations realize how important practical training really is to their success." WraySec's COO, Steven Collmann, added, "we are really ahead of the curve here, many people know they need practical training, but nearly no one but WraySec is providing the tools necessary to meet this need.” Mr. Collmann continued, “it is exciting to be able to provide such value to the industry."

CyExNg is patent pending.

About WraySec, LLC: WraySec, LLC (WraySec) is a Cyber Security startup dedicated to cutting-edge solutions, which provide critical value to their clients. WraySec specializes in Cyber Security Consulting, Services, and Products.

WraySec is conveniently located in the Central Pennsylvania area, providing quick access to the Mid-Atlantic region, from Washington, DC to New York City. Additionally, WraySec provides on-site and remote services to customers all over the globe.

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