Cyber Exercises and Training: Why are they Important?

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In the field of cyber security, it’s crucial to maintain forward-thinking techniques, procedures, and policies. Defending your organization is not a static process; the attackers will always have the element of surprise in this field. It’s no different than being a security guard defending critical infrastructure. Over 99% of the time you’re going to be walking a perimeter, securing buildings, and checking cameras, all without incident.

Yet like with the security guard, it only takes one well-planned attack to devastate your organization. Attacker always have and always will have the advantage, so you must be as prepared as possible. Not just in terms of stopping attackers, but responding to incidents effectively when you can’t. No defense is perfect or flawless. Even the most hardened environments can and will be penetrated. If companies and governments with resources in the billions are being hacked, what does that tell you?

The best way to prepare for a cyber attack, is to practice defending against a cyber attack in a realistic scenario, and on a regular basis. Yet what is the business case for this? The answer is that proactive methodologies will save you money over reactive practices. Are your personnel prepared, right now, for a serious intrusion? How are they going to respond if sensitive information is stolen? Does your IT staff know what to do? How is your public relations department going to handle it?

Take a look around at some high profile companies who have been hacked in recent years. Do you think they did an effective job responding? Probably not. How does the media respond to such events? Extremely negatively, and with prejudice. Target was hacked in 2013. Here we are, several years later, and they are still being slammed in the media constantly for their ineffective incident response and handling of the situation. Is Sony any different? How about the recent OPM hack? Did these organizations have adequate incident response training in order to handle such an incident?

This is the core of what Cyber Exercises are all about. Training your staff to deal with a situation they’ve never seen before, and are likely to see in the future. You absolutely do not want your personnel to train for a cyber attack while it’s happening! So what is it that WraySec can provide to your organization?

1. Real Life Training Scenarios

Our experts are constantly staying on top of new and emerging threats. We immediate translate these into realistic scenarios, to be used in a Cyber Exercise or Training for your organization. All three of our founders have participated regularly in many types of cyber competitions. We know what works, and what doesn’t. We know how to effectively handle an incident under pressure, and we can teach your organization these skills. Reading books, attending events, and getting certifications are simply not enough. Engaging your personnel in realistic training scenarios is the most effective way to prepare for an incident.

2. Technical and Business Angles

Cyber Exercises are not just about the technical side. While this is extremely valuable, the business side may even be more critical. As we’ve seen time after time, large companies with massive amounts of resources have dropped the ball on public relations after an incident. Why are they playing checkers instead of chess? Their executives simply don’t have the training and experience in understanding the big picture. We do, and we can teach your organization these valuable skills. From filing incident reports for law enforcement agencies, to an effective public relations campaign, we can help you learn incident response that could save your organization massive amounts of resources in the future.

3. Custom Tailored Exercises for Your Company

We don’t just offer one-size-fits-all solutions. We understand that different industries have their own distinct needs. A hospital for instance, is going to need emphasis on securing critical network-connected medical equipment, and keeping patient records confidential. On the other hand, a web design company is going to need heavy emphasis on properly backing up data, securing applications, and authentication techniques. Whatever industry or sector your company operates in, there are vulnerabilities to be exploited by malicious actors. Do you think your construction company is secure, because you’re not a valuable target? Do you use QuickBooks on a networked computer? How about email that contains communications with your clients? A bank account you access online? These are only a few example of attack vectors that hackers can and will use. Maybe your construction company won’t have a public relations nightmare to deal with, but having all your customer information stolen could lead to lawsuits and serious fallout in your business operations.

4. Cyber Exercises and Training for Educational Institutions

If you are an educational institution offering cyber security courses, training is an excellent way to prepare your students for the real world. While information security has exploded in recent years, the truth is many graduates are simply not prepared for real-life scenarios. Going from theory, books, and lecture to running cyber security at a company is going to be extremely difficult without hands-on experience. Not only are realistic cyber training scenarios good for your students, they’re good for your school! Do you compete in any cyber competitions? How about the NCL or CCDC? What kind of training are your teams going to get before the event? Can they jump right into a competition and handle the pressure today? We understand how all these cyber competitions work, and can train your students and teams to effectively compete. We can provide everything you need, from a cutting-edge cyber exercise engine, to puzzles, flags, and assessments. Let us show you how to win! Additionally, we provide discounts to educational institutions.

As cyber security evolves, we all need to remain vigilant and informed on how to deal with different attack scenarios. What better way than to run a realistic cyber exercise, tailored to your organization? Whether you need to prepare for incident response, or educate students to succeed in an increasingly competitive field, we can give you the real life skills you need. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let’s talk about what we can do for your organization!

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