Our Products

our products

Our Products

We are currently working on two products. CyExNg and TeamSploit Pro.

Cyber Exercise Engine

CyExNg is our Cyber Exercise Engine. This is currently our main product. We are in heavy development and plan to launch a Closed Beta soon, please contact us for details!

CyExNg is designed to streamline the scoring of your Cyber Exercises. Unlike many other products, it is parallelized and continuously monitors all scoring criteria. The CyExNg product combines the engine itself with an interactive and dynamic web application, which enables you to add and configure events, teams, devices, services, and service checks. Additionally, you can add flags and assessment scores.

CyExNg is fully modular, and you can either use our default proprietary service check modules for services, or create your own! The CyExNg engine is flexible and can be used in many different ways. Additionally, the engine is custom tailored with an extensive range of settings and options, allowing you to configure the engine based on your environment and requirements. CyExNg is extremely fast, lightweight, and durable. Combined with our web application, you will be able to see real-time and historical data on your Cyber Exercise. With full-featured dynamically charts, sorting, and filtering, you’ll be able to find and display the data you need! You can see a complete event overview, or drill down to a specific service such as HTTP running on a web server.

Our pricing scheme is extremely flexible and adaptable on your environment and requirements. We plan to offer a free trial, and discounts to educational and non-profit institutions. Whether you’re running an internal training event or an international cyber competition, with two teams, or 100 teams, we have what you need!

CyExNg is patent pending.

TeamSploit Pro

TeamSploit Pro is our second product. Early in the design stage, the goal is to take the current Free and Open Source Penetration Testing Automation and Collaboration tool, and provide a premium version, stock full of the features your Security Testing teams need.

Learn more about TeamSploit at http://www.teamsploit.com. You can look forward to more blog posts and information on TeamSploit Pro as we finalize our designs and plans.

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