Meet Team WraySec!

Meet Team WraySec!

Here at WraySec we’re working extremely hard to get everything up and running. We’d like to introduce you to our outstanding team of security experts.

Justin Wray is our CEO. With over 12 years of Cyber Security Experience, has done it all. From Offensive to Defensive security, Cyber Exercises to Penetration Testing, Justin truly has an extensive background on all fronts.

Justin has participated and won in dozens of Cyber Competitions, ranging from the local area to global level. His offensive skill-set is extremely formidable, as well as his work ethic and passion in the field of Cyber Security.

A man of many talents, Justin has discovered and reported various vulnerabilities, such as the Remote LanD Denial of Service attack. He has lectured at organizations including the National Science Foundation, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and Military Cyber Security Conference. Additionally, Justin is a Warrant Officer in the Maryland Defense Force.

Benjamin Heise is our COO. With over 10 years of Cyber Security Experience, he has extensive experience in the area of Offensive Operations. Ben’s offensive mindset is well leveraged in his Red Team activities and the development of Cyber Exercise Scenarios.

Ben recently led a team to win 1st place in the Global Cyberlympics. He is a frequent contributor to many Cyber Security tools and is an active voice in the Cyber Security community. Ben is also a Warrant Officer in the Maryland Defense Force.

Steve Collmann is our CIO. With over 10 years of Cyber Security Experience, he specializes in defensive operations. Steve is extremely creative and with his defensive mindset, makes a great team with Ben and Justin. He is a 1st and 2nd place winner in state, national, and global level Cyber Competitions.

Steve has designed and developed various mission-critical defensive security tools for large government clients. He has an extensive background in systems administration, which provides him with a unique perspective on Cyber Security.

Team WraySec is excited and passionate about our new startup, and are hungry for challenging tasks in the area of Cyber Security. This blog will be updated weekly with news about our projects, services, and team.

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