Our Services

Security Consulting

From incident response to intrusion detection to infrastructure hardening, we’re here for you. Every company needs some type of security consulting, whether in-house or external. These are dangerous times, with an ever increasing number of attacks draining companies of time, money, and even reputation.

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Security Assessments

Designed to provide you with information on how to better secure your environment, our security assessments give you the feedback you need. We will aggressively search for weaknesses which could be exploited both internally and externally by malicious attackers, disgruntled employees, and even state sponsored threat actors.

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Cyber Training and Exercises

From interactive, real-world training scenarios to user awareness, our cyber training and exercises are designed to help you educate and improve your personnel in the area of cyber security. The threat landscape is ever-changing, and the malicious actors are relentless. Training is a must-have in today’s digital world.

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Our Products

CyExNg - Cyber Exercise Engine

CyExNg is designed to streamline the scoring of your cyber exercises. Unlike many other products, CyExNg is parallelized and continuously monitors all scoring criteria. The CyExNg product combines the engine itself with an interactive and dynamic web application. This enables you to add and configure events, teams, devices, services, and service checks. Additionally, you can add flags and assessment scores.

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Cyber Colosseum

Cyber Colosseum is a first of it's kind Cyber Exercise, Training, and Competition environment. Built as the first MMOCE (Massive Multi-Player Online Cyber Exercise) environment, Cyber Colosseum offers individualized training labs, with an interactive and engaging storyline, a massive multi-player "free rein" environment, and frequent team-based competitions.

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